Timber framing services Utah

“Give me something uniquely beautiful”

One of our favorite projects came from an interesting request.

The mission:

We met with Dan and Julie for an initial consultation. They wanted to combine the traditional elegance of timber with something more unique. Out goal was to create a home that was absolutely out of this world.

“Give me something uniquely beautiful”

The Plan:

This home would mix our strong timber work with some of the most bizarre patterns, shapes, knots and styles.  We worked with men and women across the nation to find unique patterns and strange wood. We were receiving images from contractors all over the nation as they fell trees and sent photos of everything from lightening strikes to hidden images.

The Finish:

We just wanted to write you a quick note telling you how much we have enjoyed working with Timber Works on our new home. It would not have been possible to achieve our dream home without you! With your expertise, you caught our vision and made it happen! Right from the design stage, we knew we had the right team working with us! We thank you for the design, hard work,  and the ability to engineer and put into plans our ideas! We look forward to working with you again in the future! Thanks again!

Dan & Julie Wright



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