Sustainable Work

Reclaiming Natural Beauty

Nature is the world’s best designer. We salvage and repurpose historic timber to bring new life to work. Our team is constantly scouting for rare and charming wood across the United States.

Green Supplies

Timber Works is one of the few suppliers of cross-laminated timber in the nation. CLT panels are prefabricated on a large scale. Lightweight and strong with superior acoustic, fire, seismic and thermal performance, CLT is also fast and easy to install and generates almost no waste onsite. This gives CLT a significant advantage over conventional materials like concrete, masonry and steel.

A CLT is made of several layers of kiln-dried lumber boards stacked in alternating directions, bonded with structural adhesives and pressed to form a solid, straight, rectangular panel. CLT panels consist of an odd number of layers (usually three to seven) and may be sanded or finished before shipping. CLT panels are cut to size, including door and window openings, with state-of-the art computer numerical controlled (CNC) routers, capable of making complex cuts with fine precision. Finished CLT panels are exceptionally stiff, strong, and stable, handling load transfer on all sides. [Source Curtesy of]